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And I mean literally “AAAAHHHHH!!!” “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!” screaming. And leaving their bicycles on the ground outside apartment doors. Seriously almost tripped over one yesterday. I really don’t want concrete burns on my face, thank you.

They may be “playing” but I’m sure others are trying to relax inside (or sleep in the case of those who work nights, like my fianc√©), and these kids are disturbing that peace.

I wish this complex was either “no kids,” or had families in a separate building, or something. Because this is every day. Some may not like that idea, but I got up at 5am to get ready and work. And now that I’m off, I want to be able to relax (and take naps) without being woken up by screaming kids.

Actually, I don’t care that this complex allows kids. I just wish they didn’t act like THIS. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. YELLING. AND SCREAMING.

Not to mention, where are the parents? These kids are running from one end of the building to the other. Where are the parents that should be watching them? Why are they not watching their kids? Or teaching them that it’s rude to scream bloody murder outside of your neighbors’ doors, regardless of time of day?

Agreed. And yes. I’ve met more than just 5 KyuMin shippers. Don’t like my opinion? Gonna unfollow me because of it? Well, I don’t care. :)

Agreed. And yes. I’ve met more than just 5 KyuMin shippers. Don’t like my opinion? Gonna unfollow me because of it? Well, I don’t care. :)

c: eSTARstar

Hot damn

Such beauty…
c: eSTARstar

I miss blonde Ming ;;

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
OMG I was looking for EXO photo cards, and I stumbled upon addictedtonominwoo, and i contacted him (her? "his" fb photos are of a girl...). we talked for a bit, and he seemed super legit and nice. i was going to look for his original tmblr to just look at the stock, so i googled it, and LOL i found out that he was a scammer (i'm so fucking lucky). thank you for this blog. can you just list some ebay users that sell/auction legit exo cards for posterity? THANKS~~ <3
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

You’re very welcome! I would highly recommend not dealing with him. He owes a few people $600+ USD and has been saying he’ll refund for two weeks now. Someone else just won a PayPal claim for $500 USD he attempted to scam out of them.

For eBay sellers, I would recommend koreancards1004 and my5star. :3 my5star lists in huge batches a couple times a month. They typically list from MAMA cards all the way to Overdose and the new Sunny10 cards, so I think they’re the best choice for EXO. Lately, I think koreancards1004 has only been listing Overdose and perhaps NR and a few Sunny10 cards.

Hope that helps. :3 Glad I could help you avoid getting scammed. :3

Asker Anonymous Asks:
sarskinz@hotmail(.)co(.)uk is this email Saira H? She comes up as Sara H. I've recently tried buying an album from her through CC but it's been weeks and she says she hasn't received and I got nervous after finding out about Saira H. Both are from the UK!
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

As far as I know, they aren’t related. But sarskinz (Sara H) has had issues with her mail being lost in the past (mail she sends to buyers). I don’t know much about Saira Holland aside from emails and the types of scams she pulls.

The Forum mods and I are currently trying to handle this situation, but it’s proving to be very difficult. I would advise you to not deal with her for the time being. Do not send any more CC.

I’m sorry the CC you’ve sent already has been lost. :(

Asker Anonymous Asks:
is cj the one who hacks into fb accounts? beause i went on hiatus, 2 days later someone tried to get into my fb account and i suspect it's him but i have no evidence..
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

I have suspicions that he was responsible for several of the hacked FB scammer accounts (Ashley Jones, Becky Chiong, and Acid Tfyh), and I’ve proved he’s been linked to JellyAce/Maria XD/Sabrina Alves Moreno, Armie Becina, and now Nisha Ling (this account wasn’t hacked; he created it; but the others are believed to have been hacked).

I can’t say for certain if it was him or not. But he does have a long history of FB scamming.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello, i just wanted to ask. Is FJ chua legit? I heard his the owner of the Photocard Pre-Orders page but i think i saw him before on your posts? Just want to make sure. Thanks!
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

In the past, he has been tied to scammer CJ Icarangal. They are both friends, and Fj Chua’s PayPal was used to collect monies from some of the scammed individuals. Whether or not he is still involved with CJ has yet to be seen (he’s claimed he isn’t but he’s said that before, and was found to be lying and passing information to CJ).

I would suggest not dealing with him. But it’s ultimately up to you. Remember to pay with goods/services if you’re buying items. You have 45 days of protection from the date of payment. If you don’t have the item by day 44, open a PayPal claim.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
this is www(.)babykyukyulove(.)tumblr(.)com
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

I can’t tell much from the tumblr.

If you’re buying, make sure you ask for lots of photoproofs. Also, pay ONLY by PayPal goods/services. That way, you will have 45 days of protection in case the item arrives not as described or doesn’t arrive at all. Do not let that deadline pass you by. If you don’t have the item by day 44, open a case. Do not close it if the seller asks you to, as you won’t be able to open it back up, and therefore lose your refund.

If you’re trading, ask them if they would send first. Or if you two can send at the same time. Don’t hesitate to ask for photo/video confirmation of your item being packaged and stamped.

The email looks familiar, but I can’t place it at this particular moment.

I hope this helps!!

Uhm, how do you know how the “majority of people” feel? Can you read their minds? Can you know their feelings?

It’s one thing if you say “I’d like to think the majority of people feel” or “I think most people think/feel….” But to just say “Well, you shouldn’t do this, because the majority of people don’t like it”?

It just irritates me. Idk why. Maybe it’s just the assumption of “well, I don’t like it so others must not either”?

It’s one thing if it’s for something terrible like “the majority of people think murder is wrong.” That I understand; it’s logical to think most people disagree with something so terrible being right. But for something like “I don’t like this band. You shouldn’t either; most people don’t anyways” or “I hate this band member; the majority of people do”? Where is the logic in that? The proof?

Seriously. Stop using “the majority of people feel” in petty arguments to try and back-up what you feel. Because, most of the time, you don’t really know what anyone feels, other than yourself.

So, please. Don’t lump everyone together to try and support your petty arguments….. :/