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Asker Anonymous Asks:
how to join the photo card forum?
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

You have to have sold to or traded with a current forum member and they must vouch for your trustworthiness. We don’t accept buying feedback only anymore. And we don’t make any exceptions for any registrations.

All details are posted when you attempt to register.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
who are some legit photocard sellers that you know of that are from the US and accept CC? preferably ones who sell BAP, SHINee, GOT7, and f(x)
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

I’m sorry, I don’t. :/ I not really collect those groups, and I never pay via CC. Most if my buying comes from YAJ and eBay right now. Sorry!! :(


maybe next time, don’t flaunt your big shiny crown in public

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Name: Julia Sivhour
Email: julyhour@gmail.com

Scammed a forum member out of a Photobook, and also scammed another member out of items too. Tends to recycle invalid tracking numbers that are never updated.