I got my 4 Qri star cards from hamkyul today!!! Hers should arrive to her within the next couple of days. ^^

Thank you so much for trading with me! Let’s trade again soon! ^^


hi! i just want to tell you guys that my name/username and youtube and tumblr are being used by someone on PHOTOCARD FORUM site. If ever you came across with a username of 09MION on other site except youtube and tumblr then IT’S NOT ME. I only use my youtube account (made 5 years ago) and tumblr…

You’re very welcome. I hope this issue has been put to rest, and that she won’t do this to another legitimate seller.

I could not have done it though without the help from others. These are the members who contacted me and the other Photocard Forum moderators about Becky Chiong, and they did most certainly help us (and you!) out (listed by forum names):

kyuwookkkk (initially contacted you about the Opera cards Becky had listed for sale on the forum, and was the first to warn the moderators)
tenjoshinki (contacted us about the fb page)
nanyfoodlover (contacted us about the fb page)
moaningyeol (contacted us about the fb page)
Whitehunter18 (contacted us about the fb page)

The deserve an equal amount of shoutout. ^^ I can’t take all the credit here. ^^

Asker 09mion Asks:
hi! first of all, i want to thank you again for helping me resolving this issue. I got to talk with Becky Chiong and she told me she was sorry and already taken down all the post she did. She also told me that she was supposed to resell the cards she was supposed to buy to me. but of course, it was wrong of her to use my photos and information without my knowledge. She told me that she is not a scammer and very sorry about the mistake. so, i would suggest that let slide this issue. thanks :)
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

We won’t take down her information on what she did JUST IN CASE she tries it again, but hopefully she’ll be smart not to. I can see that she did remove her FB posts when I look at her profile. 

I don’t understand why she would call this a mistake, because it sounds like she never bought the cards from you, so why would she try to resell cards she doesn’t have? That’s just odd to me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did she ever actually buy cards from you?  If she didn’t, then she should not have tried to “resell” them for profit (since she didn’t actually have them).  You can feel free to clarify this issue, but as of now, that’s what it sounds like to me.

We take scammers and scammer issues very seriously on the Photocard Forum. I will speak with the other mods, but we probably will not lift her IP ban, nor remove the information we have on her. Just in case she does this to another person.

I have answered this publicly to share with others that have been affected by this issue.

Thank you for contacting me!

Gossip Girls HD Group Concept Photos


I can’t wait to see what the photocards look like. alskdfj;

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hi! i just want to tell you guys that my name/username and youtube and tumblr are being used by someone on PHOTOCARD FORUM site. If ever you came across with a username of 09MION on other site except youtube and tumblr then IT’S NOT ME. I only use my youtube account (made 5 years ago) and tumblr…


UPDATE: Becky Chiong is also impersonating 09mion on Facebook.  Here is her profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008143089635&fref=ts

If anyone is a member of the 4 Photocard groups she’s in, please warn the admins about her, and about how the real 09mion only uses YouTube and Tumblr to do photocard trades on. Link the original post that 09mion posted about her as well. :/ 

I am so freaking sick and tired of scammers. This is exactly why I don’t sell/trade/buy anywhere except eBay and from certain forum members….

"If I say it enough times, maybe I’ll actually start to believe it."

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello, do you know if Oh!'s cards has those white specks? Because my friend bought one and it doesn't has any. Not the white borders, but the normal members.
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

Yes. Oh! cards have specks. I know for certain the Korean Press ones have them along the top and the bottom (2 on each so a total of 4). I’m pretty sure Taiwan Press and Malaysia press have them as well (since my TW Hoot card and Malaysian Hoot card have them along the sides rather than too/bottom); I’m just not sure where they would be on the Oh! cards.

I could be wrong about the TW/Malaysia press cards having specks since I know some TW/Malaysian cards don’t really have specks, but I know I’m right about the Korean Press ones since I have 7 of them. :3 

How do the corners on the card look? Are they oddly cut or really round and fat looking? What about the back? Is there any pixelation around the [Not For Sale] and website text? What about the Oh! logo? Is it pixelated? If there’s any graininess or pixelation present, the card is most likely fake. Since fakes are copied from original cards, and therefore the quality suffers and isn’t HD anymore.

I got my LTW Qri and EunJung from tumblr user lnoobl today!

I have BoRam, SoYeon, and an extra Qri coming from live-jp. I’m trading the extra Qri with forum member saide33 for JiYeon (hopefully)!! So hopefully my LTW set is complete!!

I just need SoYeon/AReum Target & TBox group and my album cards will be complete. ^^ I’ve also decided to try and collect all 6 calendar cards, so I need BoRam, EunJung, and JiYeon for those. ^^ And I need 85 star cards and then they’ll be complete!!

I’m really satisfied with my T-ARA collection. :3 I hope to get all the holo Lotte cards and the JP Lotte cards too. ^^

And come May, I’ll be ready for Gossip Girls!!

I’m pretty much planning on just working on my T-ARA and SungMin cards right now. Once I finish T-ARA, I may work a tad bit more on SJ, but I really want to finish SungMin’s card. I only need 14 more!!!!

….forever a mystery.