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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi, is it possible for me to join photocard forums if i only have successful transactions locally? Thank you for answering.
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

If one of the transactions was with a current forum member. We only accept people who have transacted with a current member of the forum.

Note: I’m going to make a huge post (and tag) regarding why we only allow these kind of registrations after my morning class.


Wow. Congrats on your face. .__.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi is there is a way to join the photocard forum? i already send a tons of proof that i am a legit seller and buyer but they still ignored my application
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

You have to have transacted (sold to or traded with; we don’t accept buying only) with a current member of the forum, and that current member much vouch for your trustworthiness.

We made registrations that way to keep scammers off the forum.

We have each member who wants to join transact with a member of the forum so we know that they’re a real person, and not a scammer who’s just impersonating a legit seller. We have had people in the past try to impersonate legit sellers on YouTube and Tumblr and even eBay before to try and scam forum members.

We do check the recommendations. Meaning whoever you transacted with, we do ask them if they bought from you or traded with you. We ask you to provide the details of the transaction, which we also confirm with the forum member.

When you register, the registration message tells you that we only accept people who have transacted with current forum members at this time. It tells you everything you need to know in order to get onto the forum. If you don’t meet those requirements, you will be rejected. It’s for the protection of the forum.

The only reason we have to take such measures is thanks to all the scammers out there. It’s not because we moderators are trying to be difficult, or because we don’t want you on the forum. We’ve already had to ban several scammers since I became a mod on the forum, and we’ve had many members scammed by scammers that snuck into the forum under the guise of impersonating legit sellers or traders. We do this for the safety of our members.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! Are there any ways to accept only buyers on the photocard forum? :( I wanna see if there are any goodies that I want, to complete my set. And I don't really have anything to sell or trade TT TT
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

We don’t really accept “buyers only” because we’ve had several in the past that have had issues with trades missing and stuff. And there’s really no way for us to tell if a “buyer-only” won’t end up being a scammer if they move on to trading or selling.

Even for sellers and traders that apply, we ask for member recommendations from people that have bought from them or traded with them to make sure they aren’t lying to try and get on the forum, or impersonating another seller (we’ve had individuals do both to try and get one the forum, and one was a notorious scammer that still tries to scam to this day). We check out each and every recommendation before we accept any registration.

Not saying you’re a scammer by any means, but just trying to show our reasoning behind not accepting “buying-only” proof.

If you have a friend that is a member of the forum and willing to vouch for you, and is willing to say you’re trustworthy, you can join and just tell the mods the name of the user who recommended you. If they do indeed vouch and say you’re legit, you’ll be accepted. Just know that we take photocard safety very seriously on the forum, and we have banned people in the past for scamming, attempted scamming, and having too many issues with mail “going missing” (one individual had several mails that never “reached them” and would always file for refunds, but when their mails never reached their buyers, they claimed no responsibility and refused to refund their buyers, so we banned them).

I hope this helps.

So…no butts mean slutty? Someone explain this to me because I don’t understand that connection at all.

So…no butts mean slutty? Someone explain this to me because I don’t understand that connection at all.

Today’s mail!

—SungMin MAMACITA B Photocard from jace0337 
—HyoSung Top Secret photocard from forum member lovelyeoly :3

Thank you!

Three members on the Photocard Forum have warned me about a buyer from Brooklyn, New York named “Kim Thang.”  I have stories from two of them, and I am waiting on a response from the third one, but all three have sold to this person.

This Kim Thang purchased items for small dollar-amounts from two of the members on the forum ($4 USD and $8 USD), and these transactions happened months ago (2 months and 3 months, respectfully).  Kim Thang told both members that she received the items. 

Then, today (September 24), she’s opened cases against them in PayPal using a credit card chargeback, even though she told both sellers she received their items.  The chargebacks are files as an “unauthorized charges” chargeback.

If anyone else has sold to this person, please be prepared.  Make sure you have emails and receipts to show PayPal you shipped the items, and that they were delivered (hopefully, most of you purchased tracking).  THE ONLY WAY TO WIN A CHARGEBACK CLAIMING NON-RECEIPT OF AN ITEM IS TO PROVE THAT IT WAS DELIVERED.  However, I am unsure how effective they will be in an “unauthorized charge” case.

Any sellers contacted by this individual should be wary, since she’s bought and received items from trusted sellers (all three sellers from the Forum are highly trustworthy, and have many members—including myself—willing to vouch for their trustworthiness), and then filed chargebacks for “unauthorized charges” against them after confirming she received the items she bought.


Name: Kim Thang
Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Email: thangkim97@gmail.com


It’s also important to note that PayPal now charges a $20 USD fee for opening and fighting disputes.  So sellers will lose the amount the got from the sale plus $20 USD for the dispute.

Shame on anyone and everyone who makes someone like you cry. You’ve never done anything to hurt anyone. You just want to be happy. And you deserve to be happy.

I hope you get everything you ever wanted, Ming. I just want you to be happy.


Name: Melisa Costa
Email: melijc14@yahoo.com
Username / Alias: melijc14
Country: USA

I hope you understand where my rants are coming from. I already told you before that it’s okay even if you don’t buy it but you already decide to buy it then change your mind again. So basically, this…

Not a time-waster. Don’t blame her for not wanting to NOT insure the safety of that amount of money.

It would be stupid to not insure $360 USD with PayPal’s Buyer’s Protection. Her decision to back out because you wanted the money sent to you in such a way that left her with little to no insurance was very smart.

Still trying to scam people.  Tried to sell a Lay SoCool to a forum member. BUT WAIT. HADN’T HE ALREADY SOLD THAT MONTHS AGO TO SOMEONE ELSE, AND THE SALE WAS SUPPOSEDLY “SUCCESSFUL” BECAUSE HE’S “LEGIT”? //sarcasm

Also is saying he’s selling a LuHan MAMA A. Uhm, didn’t he just sell that about a month ago under his “Harriette Alcuirez” alias to a member of the photocard forum?  And then again to someone else?  Oh! That’s right.  He’s actually a scammer, so he isn’t selling anyone anything—just collecting the money.

Asks people to send money as friends/family due to PayPal putting holds on the money.  Don’t do it.  Don’t even send him money.  More than likely, you won’t see your items.  

Claiming to be posting tracking and mailing proofs on his tumblr.  A picture of a card on top of a BLANK, NOT-STAMPED envelope =/= shipping proof.  Just don’t even deal with this person.

New tumblr: apinkeulove
Email: apinkeulove@gmail.com
Names: “Arvee Leynes” & “Conchita Icarangal”
PayPal email: kicarangal@gmail.com

Hey. “CONCHITA.” As in, “I’m going to CON and CHITA you out of your money.”

Buyers beware!

PS - No, I will not take this post down. So stop asking me. :3