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Thank you, person who sent me these.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi ! I found your tumblr while searching about trusted seller in ebay. Would you mind to suggest me which seller can I take as a supplier because right now I'm searching for supplier for my online shop and I'm not very familiar with ebay. Thank you.
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

It really depends on what you’re looking to sell: photocards, albums, or official merchandise. Some sellers sell one exclusively. Other sell cards and albums. And few sell all three.

I can list some you can ask depending on what you’re looking for, but I can’t guarantee they’ll agree to be a supplier. Since they probably get most of their items from suppliers.

Here’s a post and the pictures used made by Donna Vaughn.

Does anyone recognize these pictures? The might possibly be stolen.

Contact me if you do.

Thank you, person who sent me these.


Account has been inactive since 2013 but now apparently has started posting about Kpop and photocards.

I have received two messages about suspicious activity. Here is one:

"I prefer to not buy from her. When I asked a picture for her MAMA CH Press cards, she sent three photos with 3 LuHan A, 6 XiuMin B, 5 Lay B etc. CH Press doesn’t come with b version and to get 3 LuHan, you’ve to be lucky!" This same person also asked for photoproof of a Lay MAMA B "CH press" card, and the response was that it couldn’t be provided as "these are the only ones left" (referring to the cards sent in the first picture).

A user on the Photocard Forum also told moderators Donna Vaughn claims to be from the Philippines. She also claims that she does not speak Tagalog…yet then suddenly makes a post in Tagolog? (uhm hello? Thought you said you DIDN’T speak Tagalog?)

This person also claimed their friend asked for close-ups of some cards, and after a day, Donna keeps making excuses not to send them.

The inactive-since-2013-and-is-now-posting-about-kpop-and-photocards is a trend we have seen with notorious scammer, Becky Chiong. Two people have already noted suspicious activity with them. I urge people NOT to deal with this Donna Vaughn person.

Will contact individuals who noted suspicious activity for screenshots and all information they have on this person.

Never got your email. I thought you had something you wanted to discuss with me?


sorry for the flash

today I received T-ara star cards and Eunjung holo lotte world card from addictedtoyouleesungmin thank you so much for trading with me and helping me to buy Eunjung holo lotte world card, the card is so thick, ugh deffects annoys me (unless they’re in the back or almost not noticiable in my binder) but that card is so rare, I wish the seller (hsckoreanimports on ebay) was nicer, well at least I have Eunjung’s card ^^

You’re welcome! I’m glad they all got to you safely!!! ^^

Mail haul today!

I got all these from live-jp~

KangIn Blue World
BoRam & SoYeon Lead the Way
JungAh, JuYeon, Lizzy, and E-Young Lady Luck


I also got an extra Qri Lead the Way that I’m trading for JiYeon with a friend.

An extra Lizzy Bang up for trade for Nana’s Bang or Lizzy’s Rambling Girls/Playgirlz.

And an extra Raina Lady Luck up for trade for Nana’s Lady Luck. ^^

I only have like two or three other packages coming in until I can’t really buy much more. So I’m savoring my mail hauls. >.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there anyway we can talk or message each other about the scammers
addictedtoyouleesungmin addictedtoyouleesungmin Said:

If you ever need to talk to me about scammers anon (or anyone else reading this), you’re always free to message me on here, or email me at

I promise to keep all emails private and just between us. And to never reveal your names unless you say otherwise. :3 Like I’ve done in scammer reports: I always black out names to protect those involved from any sort of backlash.

So please, anyone who wants to talk, don’t feel hesitant in contacting me. My ask (and email) is always open. :3

thelimlight - awesome! Re-register to the forum and link your eBay or the post where you received your card and we’ll reconsider you joining the forum~

thelimlight - Yeah…I’m really shocked too. And I don’t think the IGAB albums are OOP yet? Idk…maybe YoonA’s is?  I have HyoYeon’s and Tiffany’s… I wanted to get all 10 but then T-ARA photocards took over. XD I may sell Tiffany’s later but I haven’t decided yet… I’m definitely keeping HyoYeon because she’s my SNSD bias, and she was a Christmas gift from a friend!! ^^

The album could be selling for a lot just because it’s YoonA. XD Who knows.

Anyways, you seem really eager to get on the forum! I hope you get the feedback you need to join!